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Low Cost Airlines

About low cost airlines ticket booking from Nepal

Low cost airlines are airlines which offer cheap flight tickets. They are also called budget airlines, cheap flights and discount carriers. Low Cost Carriers play a very important role in the aviation industry. Low cost airlines are actually a gift to the travellers, as the passengers can utilise air travel with affordable fares. It is much beneficial for short haul. Since the introduction of Low Cost Airlines the competition between airlines have increased. So passengers have more options to be selected. Low cost airlnes charge extra for priority boarding, food and other services inorder to overcome the revenue loss of providing cheap flight ticket. Low cost airlines usually tend to keep only a single passenger class in aircrafts. They usually use single type aircrafts and old model aircrafts. Now a days cost effective and fuel efficient model aircrafts are available such as Boeing 737, Airbus A 320.

Air travelling become more popular among commons due to the availability of cheap flight ticket. As the fares are low passengers cannot reserve a particular seat as per their choice before boarding. If the passenger required to get a particular seat like window seat or aisle seat, he has to board in advance. Early reservations will get more discounted fares, and fares will increase when the seats get filled. These are certain common features of low cost airlines. 

How low cost airlines provide cheap flight ticket ?

  1. Unlike tradidtional airlines, low cost airlines follow certain methods to reduce the operational costs and thereby provide lower fares. Let us go through the common practices of these type of airlines.
  2. Low Cost Carrier's commonly use one single type of aircraft which is small and more fuel efficient such as Boeing 737 and Airbus A320 families.
  3. They tend to keep only single passenger class in the aircraft. 
  4. Some Low Cost Carrier's operates to small and less congested secondary airports and mostly in off peak hours such as early in the morning or late in the evning, so that they can take advantage of less landing fees.
  5. Low Cost Flight's always make sure the optimum utilisation of their aircrafts by making faster turn around times. 
  6. Inorder to reduce the HR cost LCC's encourage their employees to work in multiple roles. For Eg. Flight attendants may clean the aircraft or work as gate agents.
  7. Some Low Cost Carrier's charge for pillow, blanket, food, prior boarding, carry on baggage or any extra comfort.
  8. Some Low Cost Flight's generate revenue by providing a-la-carte option and commissioned products.
  9. Most of the Low Cost Carrier's do not encourage refunds or tranfer to later flight in case of missed flight. Passenger has to buy a new ticket for the next flight.Some LCC's do not provide any inflight entertainments, complementary toys, variety of news papers and magazines etc.
  10. Most of the Low Cost Flight's operates with minimum equipments to reduce the aircraft weight and to reduce the aquisition and maintenance cost. Reduced aircraft weight will reward more fuel efficiency.

Differences between low cost airlines and traditional carriers. 

There is a possibility to create a confusion between low cost airlines and the airlines with full services and offer certain discounted fares. Low cost airlines provide comparatively lesser facilities than traditional Airlines. Like traditional airlines LCC do not provide any inflight entertainment , complementary toys, news papers, magazines etc. LCC also charge for any extra comfort given for passengers like food, water, pillow, blanket, carry on baggage etc. LCC's do not have the option for passengers to reserve a particular seat of their choice prior to boarding. passengers will not get refund or transfer to later flight if he/she missed the flight. Early reservations in LCC's reward the passengers with the lowest fares, fares will increase as the seats fills up. Sometimes traditional carriers may offer more cheaper fares than low cost airlines as promotional activity. Low cost airlines are intend to offer low fares by reducing their operational cost and this not intended for promotions. These are the common differences of low cost airlines and traditional airlines.

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